Space Invaders DX is an Arcade game released in 1994 by Taito. It is more or less a port of the original Space Invaders, with a few new features.

The game includes three modes of play:

  • Original Mode: This is a direct port of the original game.
  • Versus Mode: A simultaneous two-player competitive game with split-screen.
  • Parody Mode: It is the same thing as Original Mode, except all graphics are replaced by characters from other Taito games.
    • Level 1 - Characters from "The New Zealand Story".
    • Level 2 - Characters from "The Fairyland Story".
    • Level 3 - Characters from "Bubble Bobble".
    • Level 4 - Characters from "Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2".
    • Level 5 - Characters from "Mizubaku Adventure".
    • Level 6 - Characters from "Arkanoid".
    • Level 7 - Characters from "KiKi KaiKai".
    • Level 8 - Characters from "Darius".
    • Level 9 - Characters from "Don Doko Don".

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