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Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no Hi (スペースインベーダーズ 復活の日, Space Invaders: The Day of Resurrection) is a Space Invaders title released in 1990 for NEC's PC Engine system. This game includes a port of the original Space Invaders, as well as a arranged mode called Space Invaders Plus, which features updated graphics, sounds and gameplay heavily borrowed from Super Space Invaders '91.

Just like with the original game, the player controls a AIT-50 cannon (or AIF-73CA spaceship later in the game) located at the bottom of the screen and must take down waves of alien invaders. But this version adds a few little extras into the mix - alien mother ships now occasionally drop temporary power-ups (extra lives, shields, homing missiles, shower bombs, time freeze and so forth). Each area in the game features graphical variations, such as a large variety of alien invaders and backgrounds. The cannon is also equipped with shields and can absorb several hits before being knocked out.

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