Nameless is the name of the final boss of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

Nameless appears as a 2D circle with nothing inside, Nameless will shoot lasers out of all sides of its body untill it is destroyed.

How To DestroyEdit

There are 2 ways to destroy Nameless.

  • Equip a ship that destroys from a large radius. (e.g. Gravity, Field, Wave) and shoot at Nameless to destroy it quickly.
  • Equip a short range weapon, find a spot where the player does not hit the lasers and hold the fire button until Nameless is destroyed.


  • Nameless is 2D. However, most console bosses are 3D.
  • Nameless is just a ring.
  • Once the player destroys nameless, the music will freak out untill it reaches level 0.
  • Before Nameless explodes it will pulse slowly and get faster.